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Thank you for choosing to be part of the Savon Stories community. We are small artisanal and family business and appreciate that work done by hand is not always perfect. If you have any complaints, refund requests or concerns about data and privacy when visiting our site, please let us know via the information below.


We accept returns for unopened, unused or faulty items, or any products that may have caused allergic reactions. Returns are accepted as long as you contacted us to do so within 28 days of the order, using the same email address you ordered with and stating your order number. If the product is faulty in some way please explain and we will reply with some suggested resolutions or very simple instructions for sending back.

For allergic reactions, we have the right to refuse refunds without a photocopy of medical evidence for the allergy. This does not strictly mean we will refuse a refund without it, but need to include this clause in case we have strong reasons to believe the claim is dishonest. Otherwise, we will happily refund you as is your right.

Outside of the 28 days (and up to 90 days from the original order) we can offer you a store credit. If the product was not used until after 28 days, please explain and we will happily consider a full refund.

Refunds usually arrive in your account within 7 days of the receipt of your return.


We do not share or sell your personal information to any third party. Your details are only used to fulfil your order, facilitate easy use of the site (via cookies) or provide customer service to you when you need it. All transactions are processed using industry standard SSL encryption. Your payment card information is never stored. You can opt out of our newsletter via your account or the bottom footer of any newsletters we email. You can request any published reviews of products on our website to be removed or do so directly via your account.

Complaints, concerns & enquiries

Please get in touch via the details on our Contact page.


This site and all of its contents is owned and operated by SAVON STORIES Ltd – a company registered in England and Wales with VAT No. GB226410931. SAVON STORIES is a registered trademark. HANDMADE ORGANICS is a registered trademark.

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